1. Shoot in a busy area of Dawson

4493 - 20170125.jpg

3.2s f/8.0 ISO 100

  1. Shoot hand held with slow shutter speeds



  1. Shoot motion frozen and motion blurred


Blur Motion : 1/10s f/7.1 ISO 400.

I definitely tried to get a blurred portrait, I slowed my shutter speed and closed my aperture, I could’ve lowered my ISO more. The motion makes the image feel more calm and artistic, because the focus is on the background that is very organized.

Frozen Motion : 1/500s f/1.4 ISO 400

I wanted a frozen motion, so I put a faster shutter speed, I also opened my aperture, but I could’ve had a higher ISO. It is more static, it makes the focus on subject and less on the back ground and the picture as a whole.